Paula Hathorn

Paula is an individual and team coach with over 30 years’ experience in organisational capacity building through learning from practice. 

Paula’s focus is the workplace, and particularly managers who have been thrust into new positions without adequate support. Shifts in individuals and teams at this level of the organisation can have substantial impact and provides new managers with the capacity to adapt to change. Paula creates a supportive and safe space for reflection and learning where clients grow their ability to observe themselves and others and are able to step into new ways of being. Paula has been a workplace coach since 2013 when she completed the Coachtrax Business Coaching Course associated with the Gordon Institute of Business Science.  She went on to complete the 18-month Ontological Coaching Diploma. Paula brings her life experience as an anti-apartheid activist, entrepreneur, artist, biodiversity practitioner and community conservationist into her coaching. She is ACC certified with the International Coach Federation and a registered coach with COMENSA.  She is a founding director of ONTCO, an ontological coaching company based in Cape Town. ONTCO focuses on collective ontological coaching interventions in teams and organisations. Paula coaches online which gives her the flexibility to work with anyone from anywhere so long as they are able to speak English.  She is based in Cape Town and can be persuaded to do face-to-face sessions in the area.



  • Date January 11, 2019
  • Tags Business Coaching, Cape Town, Entrepreneur, Leadership, Online Coaching, Team

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