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Ontological Coaching and Leadership 3 Day Programme

I happened to watch Karen do a live demonstration of how Ontological Coaching is done in one of the webinars that I attended. I found it fascinating that as a coach, one could help a client make  significant shifts in their emotional state by working with their bodies. Hence, I signed up for the “Ontological Coaching in Action” online course purely out of curiosity.
The 4-day program was very well designed to give me a good understanding of not only Ontological principles, but a lot of opportunity to actually practice it. So it was a hands-on experiential program. The facilitators, Karen and Erma, were not only great facilitators but also embodied the “being” of an Ontological Coach through the entire program…walk the talk.
Very happy to have signed up for this course. This concepts and competencies from this program adds on very well to my existing capabilities as a Coach. Lots of great insights on the use of Language, Moods and Body for Coaching.
Ramesh SreedharanMaster Certified Coach (MCC)
I signed up for the introductory online course to learn about Ontological coaching and gained so much more than I had anticipated. I am a lot more conscious of what is happening in my body (which I had been oblivious to before), the way I use language and how my moods and emotions affect my every-day way of being. I feel like I have only scratched the surface though and am so excited to learn more, and hopefully in time convert these tools into a daily practice. The online platform gave me so much more than I had expected, and Karen and Erma created such a warm and safe place in which to share and learn, as I felt completely out of my comfort zone.
Cristal SmithBusiness Owner
This course was far more than I could have hoped.  I was able to make myself vulnerable and begin to work towards a fuller, enriched understanding of myself. I chose this workshop to develop my skills in coaching in the workplace… it not only delivered on this but also enabled a deeper awareness of how I show up in the world.  Anyone in the People, Coaching, Development space can benefit from this workshop and this is also for you if you want to get to know yourself more deeply and explore any internal self talk or issues that you want to begin letting go of.  PS.  “The course was so significant in my journey and enabled me to make a more positive shift in my mind, body and emotion – which I believe helped me in getting a job soon after attending.”
Dina ManneOrganisational Psychologist
I recently attended the online Ontological Coaching in Action course and am inspired to give feedback.Writing (the domain of language) is not my forte and before attending the course I would have procrastinated or even held back with giving written feedback.  I often feel anxious due to a fear of being judged when sharing my observations publicly and in writing.On the course I learnt and experienced how we can powerfully access more resourceful spaces by making use of the interconnectedness between language, emotions and body.Through adjusting my posture (the domain of the body) which comes very easily and naturally to me I can shift into an emoiotoonal space that allows me to comment on the course without my inner critic second-guessing my choice of words.I can already clearly see how the content of the course has the postention to not only positively affect my self-image but also improve my relationships as well as my effectiveness in the world.  This course comes highly recommended to anyone who is interested in self-development and improving their way of relating with and leading others.
Meret Storck-MatchettFounder of Body Intelligence
A very profound yet practical three days spent understanding what it means to be human and how through the awareness of language, mood and our bodies we can live a more fulfilled and meaningful life.  The content works at a deep level with the self as well as providing pragmatic processes to apply in organisations in contexts such as leadership, OD and coaching – but will in fact empower one in all facets of business and life.  Facilitators Karen White and Erma Steyn created just the right space and energy for deep learning to happen.  Karen has a unique gift with people on so many levels and is an authentic, warm human being while Erma’s insightful line of questioning also invited participants into awareness and shift.
Tracey McBainOrganisational and Life coach
I did this workshop not knowing what to expect.  What a powerful and healing experience.  It has opened a whole different universe in my way of being.  It takes listening to a profound and deep level.  It is astounding how my emotions, body and mind shifted during the 4-day online course.  Karen and Erma, you are exceptional coaches. Thank you!
Online Zoom August 2020
Ronel Wheeler
The course is well integrated, grounded and filled with practical learning and application. Surely one of the best coaching interventions I attended. 
Hendrik CraffordFinancial Service Coach & Entrepreneur
I am excited to notice how deep the shifts are in the way I observe and listen! It already has a great impact on the way I show up and relate to the people I love and work with.
Caroline Veerman, Transformational Presence Coach and Leader
The 3-day course is stimulating, powerful and fun. It shines a light on the unconscious fundamentals of our daily human experience and offers a practical toolkit for working with these elements to connect better with ourselves and others. Its deep roots give it broad application, equally valuable for improving personal relationships, becoming a stronger leader in the workplace or exploring professional coaching as a possible career move.
Jake MorrisManagement Consultant

Certified Ontological Coaching and Leadership 18 month programme

The COCLP programme has been an invaluable and transformative experience that has touched every area of my life. Through this programme, I have developed an acute awareness and understanding of myself, and how I view myself, others, and the world. I have become more reflective, flexibile, adaptable, agile and resilient.
Being able to make positive shifts and being my own resourceful self, enables me take effective action to take care of what is important to me and bring about richer possibilities in my life. The programme has helped me to develop and establish the offer I want to be as a coach. It is a joy to see the positive impact the ontological coaching approach has on my client’s ability to bring about the change that they desire for their own lives. For me, this bears a strong testament to the invaluable power of the Ontological work..
Alan and Karen throughout the programme, displayed the qualities of rigour, humility, respect, care, and generosity, an example I aim to emulate in my journey as a coach.
Tshepo Harvey-ModisoExecutive Coach
Learning to become a new observer has opened up new and unimagined ways for me to live my life more happily, effectively and meaningfully. As a coach I believe that I now offer my clients a powerful learning experience which enables them to harness their inner resources, life and work experience – their way of being – to identify and make shifts they desire in order to enhance their quality of life.
Getti MercorioCoach
The programme has deepened my practice as a coach, significantly contributing to my skills, awareness and effectiveness as a mediator and facilitator. At a personal level, it has given me much greater insight into my own patterns of or, and more importantly, choices I can make that support greater well-being and effectiveness through how I am in my language, emotions, and body.
Sharon WakefordCoach
I had been coaching for 15 years, and yet the value I gained from the 18 month program was profound and transformational. I learned a great deal about my own way of being.  Adding ontological elements to my coaching methodology has deepened my ability to serve my clients and has led to transformational changes in their lives, and mine.
Jenny HoggarthCoach
The Ontological Coaching programme was a deeply personal experience for me, far beyond just a professional accreditation.  It helped me notice the stories I have been living in and gave me practical ways to make changes in my life. It also supported me in shaping my professional offer to the world as a coach, consultant and facilitator.
Marike GroenewaldCoach

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