Ontological Coaching and Deep Change volumes I, II, III and IV

Alan Sieler has continually broken new ground with each of his four volumes of Coaching to the Human Soul. His pioneering work in writing about Ontological Coaching is internationally recognised. His books are being used in coaching and leadership programs in Australia, South Africa, Asia, Europe and the United States.

He has made an invaluable contribution to coaching and has also created an opportunity for readers to learn how to create successful individual lives and well-functioning families, communities and organisations in the complexities of 21st century living.

Volume I: The Linguistic Basis of Ontological Coaching

Volume II: Emotional Learning and Ontological Coaching

Volume III: Biological and Somatic Basis of Ontological Coaching

Volume IV: Towards Professional Artistry with Ontological Coaching


There is a profound need for books of this nature, and coaches who coach at the level of excellence that is explored in Coaching to the Human Soul. This book sets the benchmark for all coaching books, and it is a high bar. For anyone who endeavours to be a better communicator, be it in the domain of coaching, leadership or relationships, Coaching to the Human Soul is a must have.

Christine McDougall

"This book is a must for anyone wishing to empower others or lead in bringing about fundamental change in their organisations. The reader is offered a powerful and well-grounded interpretation of the nature of being human, which can open new pathways for action and unprecedented results. This is a book for those not satisfied with quick-fixes and easy answers, but are looking for theoretical foundation and associated practices for effecting and sustaining meaningful change – in themselves and in their workplace."

Jim Selman, CEO, Paracomm Partners International, United States