Sharon Wakeford

Sharon is the founder and director of Being Different (Pty) Ltd, an organisation that works with people and groups in a wide variety of settings and contexts to have different conversations, interactions and to take different action. Sharon has been practising as an executive, business and self-development coach for the past ten years. As an internationally accredited mediator with over twenty years’ experience in conflict resolution, Sharon brings to her coaching practice specialist knowledge, skills and insights in managing workplace, relationship and interpersonal conflict. As a coach, what matters to Sharon is to support people in building their capacity to take care of what matters to them – whether this is successfully leading or managing a high performing organisation or team; transitioning to a more senior level or taking up a new position; finding meaning, purpose and fulfilment inside and outside of work; having better conversations, managing conflict more effectively or being the best parent or partner they can be. Sharon provides a safe, non-judgmental learning space for clients to speak, explore, discover and make mistakes. She does not see herself as a ‘fixer’ or advice-giver, but rather as a partner who listens and asks questions that may open clients to new or different ways of thinking and acting.

Sharon loves to walk, run, and ride her mountain bike, not just for the enjoyment of the actual exercise, but also for the opportunities this provides for exploration and discovery. Equally, she loves to sit and just ‘be’, especially where the being is accompanied by a good cup of coffee or a cold beer!

   +27 (0)83 679 4743


  • Date January 11, 2019
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