Ontological Coaching and Leadership in Action – Cape Town – 24 – 26 May 2023

Whether in Leadership, Coaching and Life in general….

For many of us the new norm is having less time, experiencing increased responsibility, and feeling like we are just surviving.  With change speeding up in all areas of our life we seem doomed to live a life not of our own choosing.  We need new ways of steering this complex and uncertain world, ways that put us firmly in the driving seat.  And we need to be able to support the people we work with and who report to us to do the same.

What if it could be different?

Being effective, thriving, and living a meaningful life is possible.  So often we focus on the what and forget about the how.  With the right tools – which are simple to use once you learn them – you can  design your best life, reduce frustration, get the results you want, and increase enjoyment.   A big part of this happens through improving relationships – individually, within teams, and organisationally.

The future doesn’t need to be the same as the past…

Instead of being stuck in habits, you can develop personal mastery by understanding what drives your behaviour.  From there you can create deep personal and professional shifts.  Learn how the results you get in life are hugely influenced by the inter-relationship between your language, emotions and body.  Change these, change your life, and become a different observer.

If you would like to achieve twice as much in half the time…

Join us for leadership and coaching training that will grow your ability to be an outstanding leader!  In the process:

  • Develop essential coaching skills and enhance your own personal development.
  • Learn a unique and powerful approach to leading, learning, living and coaching.
  • Experience more enjoyment and fulfilment.

Ontological Coaching and Leadership in Action is a course that offers a profound, practical and experiential introduction to coaching, leading and living.  It will provide you with a way to become a better observer and in the process do life better.


Karen White

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