Nobonke van Tonder

Nobonke is an Ontological Coach, Clinical Psychologist, Dancer and Process Artist.  She coaches the Body as source of insight, release, spirit and holistic health.  Traditions, cross-cultural, racial and gender dynamics open the transpersonal world of shamanism. This conscious experience of alterative worlds underlies much of her interests in Africa and the global South.

The environment, climate change, pandemics, economic breakdowns, and psycho-spiritual crises affect people. Nobonke works in diverse and critical settings with individuals and groups of all cultures, urban and rural.

“Nobonke” is her Majoli clan’s name for her, meaning “we are all together now”. Her work spans communities, families, co-operatives, traditional chiefs, farmers, parents. She coaches all areas where relationships matter.

There is a field she is passionate about. When individuals feel a strong sense of purpose and wish to design their “way of being” – their uniqueness changes the world. A conversation makes all the difference between feeling resigned or stuck, and, an innovative and embodied way of being.

In this era of radical change youth and elders bracket the most important economy – the futuristic meaning of “being human”. Radical Ageing is an ongoing online program. This transformative experience has strong foundations for elders to serve youth in profound ways.


Her political psyche unfolded in her South African penetration into values of the post-colony. Neo-liberal atrocities and entitlements hamper the healing of a nation in trauma. This is everyday language in her coaching conversations. These have assisted her clients as evolving activists and civil servants of impact. Her support for a better community showed in her coaching results.

For some years now Nobonke has been a laborer on farms. Here she learns to improvise with Nature. She works with groups concerned about food security. She studies the human capacity to create soil, embody seasons, penetrate the seed with loving attention, harvesting with the cycles of Nature and the cosmos. She guides people into radical acts of labour, a sensible way to embody the future.

From an embodied way of being, to the spirit of matter, Nobonke coaches the subtle substance of being human with unusual outcomes.

  • Date February 13, 2021
  • Tags Cape Town, Health and Wellbeing, Online Coaching, Personal Coaching, Relationships, Self-Awareness and Agency