Kirsten Lagan

Kirsten is a certified Ontological Coach who helps people feeling weighed down by the challenges of everyday life to cope better with the curveballs that life throws at them. She helps clients observe differently and access what they have within them enabling them to live a bit more “lightly” every day.

When Kirsten’s husband was diagnosed with an aggressive, inoperable brain tumour her life changed in an instant. The lessons she learnt trying to ‘handle life’ inspired and challenged her on what it means to be human.

After Mark passed away she came across the Ontological Coaching Program which totally aligned with the life lessons she had learnt.

Kirsten is now a certified Ontological coach who has learnt invaluable insights as to how she can observe life differently.  The biggest difference for her is that she’s created space and a sense of lightness.  This feeling prompted the development of the Living Lightly coaching and lifestyle brand.

Kirsten has learnt that having control isn’t the answer and the only thing she can control is her ability to open herself up to learning.  I think this profound impact has made her realize that coaching and helping others is how she wants to spend her time on earth.

The Living Lightly coaching brand is aimed at helping people trying to cope with the daily grind of everyday life.  Life throws daily curveballs, some bigger than others. We are all unique individuals with our unique Way of Being and her style of coaching is about accessing the brilliance that lies within you. 

As a widow trying to raise two feisty, determined and self-willed kids in a world that is changing so rapidly Kirsten understands the importance of finding time to breathe and to create space.

Living Lightly focuses on ACCESSING as opposed to ADDING.

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  • Date February 12, 2023
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