Jeanne Watson

Jeanne is an Ontological coach living and working in Cape Town.  Her journey began 30 years ago as an actor and writer. That passion was and is fueled by a curiosity in exploring and developing an intuitive understanding of what makes people tick, what their motivations and concerns are, and why they do the things they do.

As part of this journey she created and developed a company over the next 15 years that would allow her the freedom to explore creative pursuits, while also giving her the security of a more stable income. As a process of this journey she discovered a love of building a business, entrepreneurship and an interest in leadership and development of colleagues, and realized that at the heart of it all ,was a love of people. That love and curiosity in people led her to coaching.

Jeanne’s coaching work to date has been around working with people to explore what matters to them, to provide a safe space for them to think out of the box, to dream into an, as yet, unexplored “what else?”. She also works with budding entrepreneurs who wish to develop and grow businesses that speak to their passions and their own specific life goals. She works with leaders who wish to create a culture of possibility, and leadership within their organizations and to exceed what they believe to be possible. Working with teams of people in these environments is a particular passion.

As a sporty and active individual, Jeanne believes that safely taking ourselves out of our physical comfort zones can create deep learning, development and confidence in what is possible for us.

On any given weekend Jeanne can be found horse riding, kayaking, hiking, practicing yoga, sea swimming and celebrating life with the people she loves!

Jeanne is part of the Partners for Possibility programme and has received training in Nancy Klein’s Leadership Development Thinking Environment, Peter Block’s Flawless Consulting, And Community Building. She has also studied Creativity Coaching with Eric Maisel.

  • Date February 12, 2023
  • Tags Business Coaching, Cape Town, Entrepreneur, Leadership, Online Coaching, Personal Coaching, Self-Awareness and Agency, Team