Leaders are not paid for their technical expertise
Leaders are paid to have high quality conversations that get results through others


Be more productive with less effort

Avoid rework, rework, rework

Grow relationships through conversations

Be more influential and build trust

Build optimal relationships

Get things done through others

Have more time and energy to focus on leading

Have a culture of accountability

Execute your strategy

Have meetings that get results

Effectively make and manage commitments

Increase your team's productivity


Leadership is a set of skills, attitudes and behaviors that are often not taught. Usually, people are promoted because they are expert and do excellent work. They are promoted into leadership roles and as new leaders often find they do not have any idea of what to do and how to do it. This trend continues throughout their career life. There are many programs that offer leadership training, but being a leader is so much more.

Being in a leadership role requires a shift in how the person sees themselves and what they are able to do, and what they must stop doing. Instead of focusing on doing a job as an expert well, they need to get other people to do excellent work and get it done optimally. Unfortunately this vital shift is often not addressed from the start of a leader’s journey all the way to the board room!

Ontology offers a way for leaders to develop a new Way of Being to support them to achieve results that ensure they are effective individually, as well as those they lead.

As human beings we live simultaneously in 3 areas – impossible for us not to – and that is language, emotions, and our bodies. How we utilize these three aspects of being human play a crucial role in our success or failure, because our communication and behaviour flow from these areas.

By learning how to effect change in language, emotions and our physiology, we are able to exponentially expand the range of what we can see and do, developing our capacity and capability.


Ontological Coaching and Leadership in Action
Introductory Public Program
3 Days
Certified Ontological Coaching and Leadership Program
Extensive Deep Dive Program18 Months