As a Coach

Extensive coaching practice with detailed feedback

Robust and deep theoretical roots that are practically applied

Become an astute observer

Learning that deepens the quality of your life

Focus on your client's real concerns

Generate personal and professional transformation

Individual, Team and Organisational Coaching

Focus on Way of Being, our driver of behaviour and communication

Learn a much deeper approach to language and how it is a process that generates reality

Recognize the power of emotions to shape perception and behavior and a framework for change

Coach to the body opening up significant new insights for clients

Get things done and create the future together through the (i) use of different types of conversations and (ii) making and keeping commitments.

Building Coaching Capacity and Capability

Coaching is a new and growing industry, and not yet a profession.   The industry has exploded and with it every second person you meet is a coach.  

Coaching is growing because world has become increasingly complex with ongoing disruptive and often lightning fast change, and with it questions about what it means to be human in this day and age. Our view is that coaching offers a way for people to learn at a rate that is at least equal to or faster than the change, equipping them to adapt and grow in relation to the challenges they are facing. This includes personally and in their working life.

So what distinguishes one coach from another? Is it being helpful? Clever? Past experience? Potential?

We believe that what makes someone a great coach is someone who is curious and life long learner, who recognizes that understanding themselves is the first step, and who is willing to treat coaching as a profession, applying themselves to understanding and learning what drives human behaviour and communication.  

Treating coaching as a profession means taking time to learn and develop our own Way of Being moving from being a beginner on the pathway to mastery.  The 18 month Certified Ontological and Coaching Program offers a way to do this.

Through Ontological Coaching we become different and unique observers of language, emotions and physiology, enabling fundamental and lasting change for ourselves and those we work with.


Introductory Public Program

3 Days

Extensive Deep Dive Program

18 Months