Certified Ontological Coaching and Leadership Programme – ACTP 18 months part-time

To become a coach requires an deep understanding of human beings and how people change, grow and develop.  Along with that, they need ways to support that learning with their clients.  Having strong theory foundations with practical application determines the value a coach can offer individuals, teams, and organisations. We provide this through in-depth  and thorough education that develops coaching, leadership, and consulting excellence.

From a leadership perspective, leaders are paid to have high quality conversations that get results. And organisations can be considered to be a network of relationships that happen through conversations.  Understanding this is one thing, applying it is another.  It requires leaders to be able to have coaching conversations, use language effectively, positively influence the culture (mood) of the organisation, and have leadership presence.

Ontological Coaching and Leadership will give you an effective and practical how-to that will enable you as a leaders, coach or consultant to fast track your development.  Whilst there is substantial intellectual foundation to Ontological Coaching, the coach and leadership programs are highly practical and ‘hands on’.


Jan 31 2019 - Jul 14 2020

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