3 Day Intensive

A uniquely powerful approach to learning, leading and coaching. Ontological Coaching is an extraordinarily powerful approach for generating real change at the individual, team and organisational level. It is highly effective because it is based on a new practical understanding of the power of language, moods and conversations for sustainable behavioural and cultural change.

Ontological Coaching focuses on our Way of Being, which is a dynamic interrelationship between three areas of human existence – language, emotions and body.

Way of Being contains our often deep-seated perceptions and attitudes and is the underlying driver of our behaviour and communication.

Ontological coaching has a holistic orientation that respectfully generates learning in all three areas of language, emotions and body as the catalyst for substantive and sustainable change.

Principles and conceptual framework of Ontological Coaching

Linguistic actions - how they shape reality and can be used effectively in coaching to shift behaviour.

Listening - apply a different and deeper approach to the role of listening Moods and Emotions - understand their pivotal role in coaching for deep and sustainable change

Moods - shift the ways moods and emotions impact on communication, behaviour and performance Observe and work with the interconnection between basic moods, body posture and language

Managers and Leaders who know they could be more effective and feel stuck

Managers and Leaders who have been promoted and want to scale up

Existing coaches who want to develop their capacity further

People who are considering coaching as a vocation

Organisational consultants

Individuals interested in personal development

ICF Accreditation

This workshop is recognised by the ICF as 22.5 Continuing Coach Education Units (CCEU) in Core Coaching Competencies.

What you will learn and be able to do

Use language to create a shift in your own Way of Being as well as those you work with, including:

  • Interrupt your habitual listening and be more influential through listening differently
  • Distinguish between the Basic Linguistic Acts, which we use all the time, and be able to use them effectively to achieve results and increase your fulfillment
  • Experience a self-coaching framework that you can use on a continual basis when you are stuck or would like to grow your capacity.
  • Coach people across language, moods and the body - frameworks are offered for each of these key areas of learning.
  • Understand how you are as a learner and how you can optimize your learning in all areas of your life.
  • Gain an in depth understanding of moods and how you can bring about a change in moods that aren’t so helpful.
  • Have a rationale for working with moods and the body that you can share with others, that makes this area of learning accessible and pragmatic.
  • Become a more powerful observer by learning about the notion of concerns and breakdowns.

Next Program Dates and Details

Cape Town

24 - 26 October 2018

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29 - 31 October 2018

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What our Coaches say...

Learning to become a new observer has opened up new and unimagined ways for me to live my life more happily, effectively and meaningfully. As a coach I believe that I now offer my clients a powerful learning experience which enables them to harness their inner resources, life and work experience - their way of being – to identify and make shifts they desire in order to enhance their quality of life.

Getti Mercorio